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Donation gifts

The first person to donate $1,000 or more, may choose to receive a pair of authentic Lenox "Jeweled Devotion" figurines made of porcelain, accented with 24-karat gold and crystal gems. Give $500 or more to receive a sparkling rhinestone pin. Receive a patriotic beaded bracelet with a silver greyhound charm when you donate $100 or more.

Offering Solutions

Many rescued greyhounds require expensive medical procedures since they have never received proper veterinary care like dental cleaning, vaccinations or flea and tick treatment. Greyhounds are also not spayed or neutered while racing. Our Second Chance for Greyhounds Fund has been created to help save more greyhounds than ever before. Please lend your support to this life-saving effort today.

Saving Greyhounds

Our Second Chance for Greyhounds Fund allows hardworking adoption groups to accept dogs into their programs from around the world. We make it possible to provide a higher level of care and absorb the costs for treating extreme medical cases so that greyhound adoption groups can focus on the dogs and not worry about the high costs of rehabilitation.

Power of Pennsylvania

GREY2K has donated over $370,000 to adoption efforts since 2018.

“All Powerful” now Power, is one of the hundreds of greyhounds who was rescued from the Canidrome in Macau. He is the beloved companion of Victoria Celia and Orlando Salvato of Pennsylvania, USA. With your generous gift, we will be able to sponsor even more hounds from cages to couches worldwide. Every dollar brings new hope for dogs in need. Thank you for caring!

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