Saving Greyhounds

Our Second Chance for Greyhounds Fund allows hardworking adoption groups to accept dogs into their programs that might otherwise be left behind and killed. We make it possible to provide a higher level of care and absorb the costs for treating extreme medical cases, so that greyhound adoption groups can focus on the dogs and not worry about the high costs of rehabilitation.

Description of Problem

Dogs in the racing industry are the victims of standard practices that are cruel and inhumane. At racetracks across the country, thousands of greyhounds endure lives of severe confinement and are fed a diet based on diseased meat. They are kept in small stacked cages for long hours each day and when taken out to race, face the risk of serious injury. Common injuries include broken legs, paralysis, seizures and head trauma. Greyhound rescue groups move quickly to receive these dogs, but they must often make the heartbreaking decision to leave dogs behind because of the severity of their injuries. With limited resources, they simply cannot afford to take them all to safety.

Clarise was rescued from a Florida dog track.

Offering Solutions

Large numbers of greyhounds leave tracks each month, and while some may not have suffered serious injury, they all require expensive medical procedures since they have never received proper veterinary care like dental cleaning, vaccinations or flea and tick treatment. Greyhounds are also not spayed or neutered while racing.

Our Second Chance for Greyhounds Fund has been created to help save more greyhounds than ever before.

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Every dollar donated helps us sponsor greyhounds as they leave closing dog tracks, funds our outreach and adoption efforts, and helps us educate the public about the cruelty of dog racing. Thank you for caring about the greyhounds!

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